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Our firm is primarily a services business which provides independent expertise and advice as consultants. We are highly capable of solving complex physics-based problems. All problems are welcome as we have expertise in research solutions over a wide range of topics.  However, our main expertise is in the areas of  Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Atmospheric Modeling, Air Quality Modeling, Two-Phase Flows, Planetary Atmospheres including Near Space Environments, and Wind and Renewable Energy.

See some of the additional pages for the type of projects that we have done as research and/or as consultant projects.

  • Our firm tends to use Open Source software such as OpenFOAM for CFD and EPA approved air quality models for air quality analysis and meteorology.
  • Modeling with CAMx, CALMET/CALPUFF, and AERMOD, CFD and CFD-type simulations.
  • Wind and Meteorology Modeling with MM5, CALMET, AERMOD, OpenFOAM.
  • Data Usage from MM5, EDAS/Eta, NAM, and WRF.
  • We have also developed new models for research and development purposes in the areas of Lagrangian transport and dispersion, micrometeorology, and aerosol physical mechanisms and chemical reactions,

  • We have worked in low-speed wind tunnels, atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnels, specialized environmental boundary layer wind tunnels, and water tow and wave tanks.
  • In addition, we have worked with instrumentation such as pressure transducers, pitot-static probes, hot-wire anemometers, weather station instrumentation, DustTrak PM10 monitors, thermocouples, Hydrocarbon Analyzers (Beckman), ADV (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter), and data acquisition systems. 
  • We can help with your experimental planning in these areas.

We have extensive knowledge in analyzing data from both experimental and computational models related to various physical phenomena.

We have experience in serving as an expert witness by providing modeling analysis and testimony.